Fraudulent claims have become pervasive, siphoning resources and money from society that could be better used to serve the needs of the common good. Many insurance companies have forged aggressive SIU departments to confront this practice. For many years, Tango, Dickinson, Lorenzo, McDermott and McGee, LLP has represented the interests of insurance companies in their effort to defend against fraudulent claims. At the peak of the Passaic County fraud ring investigation, our firm successfully tried cases brought by plaintiffs believed to have been involved in staged accidents and/or medical fraud.

We have handled numerous cases involving “opportunistic fraud” in which plaintiffs involved in real accidents seek damages for non-existent or exaggerated injuries. These claims are vigorously defended employing all relevant discovery techniques to expose the falsity of the claims. Where there has been outright fraud–e.g., direct proof existed that a plaintiff had intentionally and significantly misrepresented how an accident had occurred-we have invoked the remedies available under the New Jersey Fraud Prevention Act.

A substantial amount of the firm’s SIU work involves the defense of Personal Injury Protection benefit claims involving unnecessary treatment or treatment which has not actually occurred. Such claims are ferreted out by detailed analysis of the medical records and employment of medical, chiropractic and nurse auditing experts where appropriate.

Our fraud unit is comprised of both lawyers that try cases and those that are primarily involved in an arbitration venue. This allows for a valuable cross-pollination of ideas, experience and techniques which has yielded positive results in the defense of both liability and Personal Injury Protection benefit claims. Our investigative techniques and analysis of fraudulent practices and claims apply not only to the insurance industry, but also other corporate enterprises large and small.

The firm stands ready to offer its assistance to insurance companies and businesses who need to address potential fraud. Such assistance includes assuming the defense of claims brought in court and arbitration, consultation and providing presentations on anti-fraud techniques.